How to Report an Illegal Gambling Activity

How to Report an Illegal Gambling Activity

             How to Report an Illegal Gambling Activity

Gambling is among the activities that are regulated by the law and it varies from a state to another and from country to another depending on the laws. Some countries prevent gambling; other countries require a license and some does not have any regulations at all. If you found out an illegal gambling activity and you want to report it, here is how you can do that.

1. Gather all the information that you can get about the gambling activity:
This so important. Gathering all the information before contacting anyone at the police department is the first step. Notice that all the information matters so don’t underestimate any piece of information. Just collect what you can and the specialized police department will deal with everything; the police know better.
If you think that you don’t have enough information, report the activity anyway. Let the police investigate the activity and they will know how to gather more information.
Any documents, pictures or any notes that you have taken matter. Deliver everything to the specialized authorities.

2. Be a good citizen:
You don’t have to have a bad experience with a website to file a complaint. If you found out that a website is having illegal gambling activity, be a good citizen and report it.

3. Internet Crime Complaint Centre:
After gathering all the information about the illegal gambling activity, attach all of it to the internet crime complaint center. This is where the police will deal with the information and deliver it to the specialized department. Let’s imagine a scenario that you found out about an illegal gambling activity in a certain state and you gathered all the information and uploaded it to the internet crime complaint center. The center will analyze the information, finds out that it is about gambling and in a certain state then the center will give the information to the specialized information in this certain state to deal with it.

4. The complaint:
When you enter the website of the internet crime complaint center, you will find a link to the complaint section. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the website and accept the privacy policy to be able to proceed.
The information that you will upload will be completely secure and your personal information will be kept totally confidential. You may be contacted by the law enforcement for more information. Don’t feel insecure and say that you will get in troubles. You are doing something great.
The personal information will be your name and your contact information. While the investigations, the police may contact you so the information should be accurate.
Of course you will upload true information. Don’t give false information to the police as this may lead to fines and jail.
After uploading all the information, review everything and submit. Download a copy of the complaint; you may need it if things did not go well. You will attach your email address, and the website will send you that you filed a complaint; keep this email too.

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